A Typical Day In Retirement

A typical day in retirement starts at 7am with the beautiful sound of my alarm going off.. I’ve almost certainly woken before that as I live near a pedestrian railway crossing. The trains have to sound their horns as they approach so that’s always a nice little treat 🙂

Until recently, I had to get up to feed my dog but sadly that’s no longer the case. My greyhound passed away earlier in the year but i still go out for ‘walkies’ in the morning.

Anyway, once I’m up and the kettle is on, I log onto facebook. There are a few of us that chat online first thing so that’s also my reason for getting up. Once I’ve wished my friends ‘ good morning, have a good day’ it’s time to get sorted.

I usually go out for that walk at 8am and have a wander down to the river. It’s always nice to watch the swans floating by and it also gives me a change to say hello to any of the other local dog walkers that I might meet.

Once I’m back, it’s time for a spot of breakfast and to catch up with the news.

A Typical Day In Retirement - The Maltings in Salisbury
The Maltings in Salisbury

A Typical Day In Retirement – Enjoying The day

My good lady usually pops over for coffee at about 10 except on market days which are Tuedays and Saturdays. We park up by Sainburys and have a wander aroung, usually looking for some fresh veg. My good lady is a vegetarian and is usually on the look out for some broad beans, when they’re available.

After the market, we wander down to Wetherspoons and meet some friends. It’s not the poshest pub in the City but the coffee’s good and we know some lovely people that go in there.. It’s more like a social club for the over 60s during the day. Once we leave ‘Spoons’ it’s back home and time for lunch.

Afternoons Out

After lunch, we often go out for a drive somewhere. Sometimes it’s to do some food shopping but more usually it’s to go somewhere nice for a wander. We’re lucky to live close to a nature reserve called ‘Langford Lakes’ s are often there looking at the Canada Geese and other birds.. Great little cafe too.

The park at Fordingbridge is also a favourite so there’s always somewhere nice to go.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we return to our respective homes. I live in a small retirement flat and my good lady has a house nearby..

So, that’s a typical day in retirement for me.. Nothing too exciting but I’m happy that I took early retirement.

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