Cherry Orchard Lane Salisbury

Cherry Orchard Lane in Lower Bemerton, Salisbury (SP2) is a popular route from Wilton Road (A36) to Lower Road and Churchfields Industrial Estate but is unsuitable for HGVs and high sided lorries because of a low bridge.

The twin railway bridges ( BAE2 E4/241 and SAL E29/75) have height limit of just 10′-3″ (3.12 Meters) and even luton vans hit it from time to time. Looking at the marks on the underside of the bridge, it’s been hit quite a few times in the past.

This is just one of the low bridges in Salisbury that lorry drivers should be aware of when trying to leave Churchfields Industrial Estate.

Cherry Orchard Lane Salisbury - An HGV reversing into Hedley Davis Court

Aside from that, it’s a is a nice little residential street. From the bridge, up towards Wilton Road, there’s a nice row of houses on the left and some flats on the right hand side.

The road was resurfaced in 2021 as it was in pretty poor condition with a series of potholes. They did a great job but I can’t work out why they didn’t resurface under the bridges. Was it because their machines wouldn’t fit?

Old Railway Engine Sheds

As you walk under the low railway bridge, towards Lower Road, you’ll see a lovely area on the left which is where the old railway engine sheds were.

The was talk about redeveloping this site for extra parking at the Salisbury Railway Station at one stage but I believe there are concerns about contaminated land. At the moment, it’s a beautiful area and is almost like a little nature reserve in Salisbury, I know that there are foxes and Muntjac deer over there.

Hedley Davis Court

Hedley Davis Court is also located off of Cherry Orchard Lane and is a small retirement housing complex for the over 55s. The entrance also leads to a collection of houses at Syringa Court. It’s generally very quiet aside from the trains that have to sound their horns as they approach the Gramshaw Road pedestrian level crossing, which leads to Lower Road in Lower Bemerton

HGVs using Cherry Orchard Lane Salisbury

We get HGVs and high sided lorries from Churchfields Industrial Estate turning into Cherry Orchard Lane. It always looks so dangerous when they reverse back into Lower Road, especially with the impatient car and van drivers overtaking them.

If they don’t reverse into Lower Road then they reverse into Hedley Davis Court. I sometimes wonder if they’re lost or following a Sat-Nav that’s designed for cars because there’s one of a series of low bridges in Salisbury that causes them to rethink their route. It could also be that there’s a lack of clear signage on the industrial estate.

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