Lorry Problems In Lower Bemerton

We have lorry problems in Lower Bemerton Salisbury caused by lorries coming from Churchfields Ind Est in Salisbury.

They end up driving towards Lower Road or Cherry Orchard Lane where they face either a 7.5 T weight limit, a 10′-3″ low bridge or have to turn around.

There are a few reasons why they end up in Lower Bemerton and one is the lack signage along Churchfields Road.

The only sign that warns drivers of a 7.5 Tonne weight limit in Lower Road is one at the top of Brunel Road.

Lorry Problems In Lower Bemerton Salisbury

The other reasons for lorry problems in Lower Bemerton may be that drivers are using a Sat-Nav designed for a car.

We have quite a few low bridges in Salisbury but car sat-navs do not show them.

The only other reason that I can think of is that they’re just trying to take a shortcut to get out of Salisbury.

Lorry Problems In Lower Bemerton Salisbury

When an HGV, high sided lorry goes past the junction of Brunel Road and past the VW showroom it has few options.

If it’s below the 7.5 Tonne limit for Lower Road then it can continue but the road does get tight in places.

The road also becomes narrow at the point between the Old Rectory and St Andrew’s Church.

There is no pavement along this section of road and it’s a route taken by children to School.

There is a road on the right back to Wilton Road (A36) called Church Lane but it’s unsuitable for HGVs.

I drove past recently and it’s a 7.5 Tonne limit and there is a sign to say ‘No Articulated Vehicles

Failure to know the height of your vehicle was highlighted recently when a luton style van collided with the bridge in Cherry Orchard Lane. Thankfully no one was hurt. See Railway Bridge Strike in Salisbury for more details.

A van that hit the bridge in Cherry Orchard lane, Lower Bemerton, Salisbury

Cherry Orchard Lane

If the driver respects the weight limit then they will probably turn right into Cherry Orchard Lane with its 10′-3″ low bridge.

The lorry driver now has a problem, do they reverse back the way they came, across Lower Road?.

They can do so but there is probably other traffic around them which makes this manouvre a bit dangerous.

The driver’s other option is to reverse into Hedley Davis Court which is a narrow residential road.

Andrew – Lorry problems in Lower Bemerton Salisbury

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