Low Bridges in Salisbury : Churchfields Driver Info

We have some low bridges in Salisbury that HGV and lorry drivers heading to Churchfields Industrial Estate should know about.

In particular, the 14′-3″ (4.34 Meters) bridge in Fisherton Street and the 10″-3″ (3.12 Meters) bridge in Cherry Orchard Lane.

Low Bridges in Salisbury - Cherry Orchard Lane - 10'-3

Low Bridges In Salisbury – Fisherton Street

This is the route in from St Paul’s Roundabout (A36) and I would think that it’s a popular route down from the A303. If you can comfortably drive under the bridge with its 14′-3″ (4.34 Meters) height restriction, you’re on your way to getting to Churchfields.

Straight after the bridge is a tight right turn into South Western Rd, which has a Zebra crossing, before getting to Mill Road on the left and on to the Industrial estate.

If you’re unlucky enough to strike the bridge then Rail Track will likely get involved and you’ll make the local news.. please be careful

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Exeter Street HGV Route

The only safe HGV route into Churchfields Ind Est, Salisbury that avoids any low bridges is from Exeter Street Roundabout. The roundabout is on the A338 where Churchill Way South and New Bridge Road meet.

The route is Exeter St, New Street (on the left), Crane Street, Cranebridge Road, Mill Road and then left into Churchfields Road.

The route back is slightly different. Right into Mill Road, Cranebridge Road, Crane Street, New Street, Straight ahead to Ivy Street, Right into Brown Street, follow on round into St Ann Street and left into Exeter Street.

The two HGV and lorry routes above are the only ones that you should take. please.

Cherry Orchard Lane – Bad Route For HGVs

Back in 2016, an HGV got stuck by St Andrew’s Church in Lower Bemerton for about 4 hours, according to an article in the Salisbury Journal. The lorry driver was issued with fixed penalty notice for ignoring the very visible signs. The road is totally unsuitable to goods vehicles although they sometimes have to make deliveries.

If you turn right at the junction into Cherry Orchard Lane then you’ll certainly have to turn around. There is a low bridge with a 10′-3″ (3.12 Meters) height restriction. Luton vans hit this bridge occasionally and it makes a real mess.

Lorries and coaches are quite often observed reversing into road at the front Hedley Davis Court which is not ideal in any way.

Sadly, Sat-Navs designed for cars don’t display the low bridges in Salisbury.

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A lack Of Road Signs For HGVs

One of the reasons that lorries and HGVs end up at this end maybe the lack of road signage.

If an HGV drives up Brunel Road then there’s a clear sign telling them to turn right. If a lorry is a little lost there is little to warn them until it’s too late.

Andy – Low Bridges In Salisbury

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