Lower Bemerton And Broken Bridges

Lower Bemerton Salisbury is an attractive residential suburb with a village-like feel and has a strong community spirit. It is also home to the Old Rectory in Lower Road, which is the former home of George Herbert.

Indian novelist and poet, Vikram Seth once visited the Old Rectory and loved it so much that he bought it.

Moving to Lower Bemerton Salisbury

I was lucky enough to move here in 2020 although I’ve lived in Salisbury for 15 years.

I must admit that my chance to move can out of the blue and I only had a short time to make the decision.

Within about a week of two of getting a phone call, I had become a happy Lower Bemerton resident.

The first time I heard a train blowing its horn was a bit of a shock, they sure are loud. It turns out that the Gramshaw Road level crossing is quite near to me.

I’ve since visited the crossing and I’m sure I could hear a loud speaker announcment of an approaching train. Was it all in a dream?

Broken Bridges

When I first moved here, I was keen to explore the area and stumbled across the entrance to Broken Bridges off of Lower Road.

Broken Bridges, Lower Bemerton, Salisbury

I found it nestled between Bridge Cottage and Bridge House and it’s a lovely walk towards Harnham.

It’s like a little nature reserve and I enjoy seeing the Swans and Canada Geese, I’ve also been lucky enough to see a Heron.

Bemerton Local History

I’ve also been keen to learn about the history of the area and have discovered a useful website belonging to the Bemerton Local History Society.

It also contains a very useful property index with historic details of local houses so there’s plenty to learn.

I’ve spotted a beautiful little Church called St Andrew’s a little way down the road from me. It dates back to the 13th century. and is the final resting place of George Herbert, a priest and poet.

St John’s place, a grade II* listed building, also looks very interesting and is home to some Commonwealth war graves.

Another little snippet of local history is that Mick Fleetwood’s parents once lived in Bridge House.

There are the occasional lorry problems in Lower Bemerton whereby lorries from Churchfields try to take a shortcut through the village. There is a 7.5 T weight limit and thankfully these incidences are not too common.

Andy – Lower Bemerton & Broken Bridges Salisbury

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